In November 2019 we invited staff and pupils to join with SU Groups up and down the british isles in running SHINE in their secondary school!

No such event happened in 2020. This page is for background information as we plan for 2021

What is SHINE?

 SHINE is all about two things:

  • Equipping Christian young people to live for God at school
  • Providing opportunities for others to explore the Christian faith for themselves

SHINE supplies you with three video resources (with options available for either a mostly Christian or non-Christian group) to lead your young people to explore this year’s theme of ‘Fearless.’


How do it work?

Week 1 & 2


Week 3

Young people watch the SHINE videos in their groups, and start planning for Week 3. 



Young people run their event!

For a non-Christian group, this may be simply watching and discussing the week 3 video. For a Christian group, past events have varied from a simple testimony-sharing lunchtime to a band playing the assembly hall.

You can find all the resources you will need on our website,  You can also follow SHINE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additional ideas and group meeting outlines are available on the website.


How can you get involved?

Pray - ask God to inspire and envision the young people in your school to want to live for Him there. Ask your church to be praying for your school group throughout November.

Register on the SHINE website - all of the 2019 videos are available on the website; just register, login and download! Additionally, have a watch of the ‘How 2 Shine’ video that explains, in simple steps, exactly how SHINE works.

Get your group excited about SHINE. If you are already involved in a Christian group in a school, start enthusing them about SHINE. You could use the short video on the home page of the website.

Encourage your Youth Group to get involved. Whilst SHINE is designed to be run in a school setting, it can work equally well with a youth group. Why not show the videos as part of your youth group programme and then encourage them to run some events in their schools?

If November isn’t suitable for your group, that’s ok! You can download the resources to use at another time. If you have any more questions, or need some support, just get in touch with your local Regional Worker who’ll be happy to help.


For more info download this printable PDF