We can't wait to welcome you to Aviemore Holiday Club! 


If you love sports and having a great time, you will LOVE our Holiday Club. Come along and get involved as we try tonnes of different games and activities, including Udderball, Chaos Tag, Human Hungry Hippos, Water Balloon Volleyball, Megaball, and loads more!!

Are you READY?!

WHEN: 12 - 16 AUGUST 2019

TIME: 10AM - 1PM 

WHERE: Aviemore Community centre, PH22 1SF

AGE: P3 - S1


Meet the Team

Look out for our friendly Holiday Club Team Members who are ready to help make sure you have a great time at Holiday Club. 

Team Leaders: Gillian Orr and Alan Myles

Email: aviemoresports@suscotland.org.uk


What happens at Holiday club?

Holiday Clubs are great fun! You can enjoy so many different things, and find out more about the Bible at the same time.

Here's what to expect at Aviemore Holiday Club:

  • Songs
  • Games
  • Bible Stories
  • Sports
  • Outdoor fun
  • Snacks
  • Prayer 
  • ... and loads more!

A typical day at Holiday Club will start with some indoor and outdoor games, followed by some great songs. We'll then look together at some Bible stories, then get into groups for some more fun. 

You can come for as many days as you like, and there is a cafe for parents and younger children too!

Don't worry at all if you're not good at sports. Our friendly team members are here to make sure you enjoy yourself no matter what your ability is!


Check out some pictures from 2018