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2017 Volunteer Application

We are making good progress in getting everyone wanting to volunteer this year fully accredited either through the new online application process or by PDF for those who opted to do so.  A huge thanks to those who have applied and are now fully accredited.

If you have started your application for this year, online or otherwise, and haven't completed it yet or think you have and have not yet received confirmation of your accreditation for 2017, can we ask you please to finish the application process or if you are having any issue in doing so to contact us at and we will try to assist.

Thanks again for your support and commitment to working with us in 2017. 

2017 Volunteers Handbook

The new Volunteers Handbook for 2017 is now available - you can download a copy below. Please note we still intend to issue a copy of the handbook to all SU Group volunteers and to those confirmed as attending as a team member at an event in 2017. 

We hope you find it useful, and a special thanks to Dave on the front page for always looking so happy!

Volunteers no longer doing regulated work with SU Scotland

Disclosure Scotland and VSDS (Volunteer Services Disclosure Scotland) have been contacting PVG Scheme members for some time now to ensure that if they are no longer doing Regulated Work they advise Disclosure Scotland. This is to ensure that their membership of the PVG Scheme ceases.

In this way volunteers’ confidential information will be protected i.e. the voluntary body, in our case SU Scotland, no longer becomes an interested party if a person becomes under consideration for listing (barring from regulated work).

You might already have received an email from either body explaining this process.

Our volunteers might consider ‘taking a break’ from a child care role with the intention of returning after a short while. If you are thinking about stopping a voluntary role that involves working with children then please contact us first by email or by phone on 0141 352 7609 to discuss options surrounding this decision. 

If you do decide this will be a long term decision then please let Disclosure Scotland know you are no longer doing Regulated Work by using the form which can be downloaded from here.