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Basecamp: Equipping you to lead, preparing you to work amongst Scotland’s children and young people. 

Bible teaching, workshops, team building, small groups, worship and prayer

Choose from a weekend in February or week in June.

Basecamp is for you if  you are in S5 or S6 at school.


LeadUP, A more advanced training week for school leavers and those who have been to Basecamp.

Experience all the above, and…

Develop skills in reflection, consider your contribution to a team and the kind of leader you are growing to be.


LeadUP is for you if you have been to Basecamp or are a school leaver.



Put your training into practice!

A programme tailored to you joining teams at…

SU Holidays and weekends, beach or church-based missions, international events, events with your own local church or a combination of these.



Reunite with other trainees.

Reflect on your experience.

Share how you have seen God at work with children and young people and in you.

Consider how you can continue to grow and be involved. 

Note: If you can only attend a training event rather than the entire programme, you can book these individually at the SU Holidays website.


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