Each person taking part is expected to play a part in raising support from their local church, friends, family, and fundraising events. We're setting you the challenge of raising at least £300 as a donation towards the cost of the COmMISSION programme.


Why is COmMISSION so expensive?

Taking part in a ministry like this costs money. The full commission programme contains two residential events run for your training and development Accommodation, food, resources and team costs all need to be factored in to these events

You will also participate in events run for children and young people which rely on team member donations to cover costs. This includes your place on the team.

We want to make sure that our training is worthwhile and of good quality, so we invest in materials and resources to help you get the most out of this programme.


Why IS COmMISSION so cheap?

With all that in mind, you might be wondering why the programme doesn’t cost more. Good question! If you added up the costs of all the individual components of COmMISSION, it would be over £500. 

However, we're not expecting you to raise the full cost of all three parts of COmMISSION rather we are encouraging your to raise at least £300 as a donation to the costs of COmMISSION.

We really want you to be able to take part in this and have worked hard to bring costs down as much as possible including subsidising your place with the help of generous donations from SU Scotland supporters and other organisations investing in training for young leaders.

Check out our fundraising page for some ideas of how to raise support. 


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