In print

Traditionally a printed Prayer Diary is posted out three times per year with our @SU magazine. Under lockdown we switched to Daily Prayer Points which are sent by email, or can be received via Prayer Mate* and replaced the printed Prayer Diary with a Prayer Card - posted to supporters with the @SU magazine, and available to download here.

*For further info on how to do this, see below under "By phone".

Subscribe at the foot of the page to receive a Daily Prayer Point by email every morning. Or choose Monthly Prayer Points, which is a pdf sent at the end of every month covering our prayer needs for the following calendar month. It is suitable for personal use or can be forwarded on to others at church or a prayer group. In signing up for monthly prayer points you will also be emailed urgent prayer needs as these come in.

By phone

Daily SU Scotland prayer points can be accessed on your phone either by checking your email inbox, or by using the PrayerMate app. Download the app, then subscribe to our feed by following the instructions below. 

  • Open the app and click through the set up menu (you can add personal lists now, or wait until later).
  • Once you are on the main page, click the plus sign "add" at the top of the screen. 
  • Scroll down to "ready-made content & organisations" and select "Evangelism & Youth Work"
  • Scroll down to find "Scripture Union Scotland." Organisations are in alphabetical order. SU England & Wales and SU International also appear beside SU Scotland.
  • At the top of the screen, click "subscribe to this feed."
  • Choose which category you want it to appear in (you can change and add your own categories too)
  • Pray with us daily!

For a screen-by-screen photo guide, click here. 


You can subscribe to receive news (including prayer requests) from SU International and SU India via the Sign me Up button at the foot of the page.

A few prayer points for SU internationally are also included in the Monthly Prayer Points we email subscribers, alongside prayer points for the coming month for SU Scotland. In subscribing to these please be advised you will also be emailed urgent prayer needs for both Scotland and SU worldwide, as emergencies arise.

With others

 One of the joys of prayer is fellowship with one another. If two or three come together in my name, I am there with them. Matthew 18:20.

Join with others in your own locality to pray with your Regional Worker or Associate Worker and hear what God is doing in the local context. Find out when and where on our Events page (not all regional events are guaranteed to be posted!); contact your Regional or Associate Worker via the Your Region page; or email to get more information.

Join in, make new friends, and be blessed!


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