What is encounter?

Encounter is different from other events! 

  • It is planned and led by young people. A group of 15-19 year olds decide the programme, host the event, lead worship and serve on the Encounter youth team. Our Bible speaker is just 20 years old.
  • It is about prayer.
  • It aims to help P7-S6s explore prayer and engage in prayer in an interactive way. There is space to ask questions, reflect, pray alone and with others and have fun, praying in different ways

Watch the event promo video here: 

WHen is it?

Sunday 15 March 2020 at the Inchyra Grange Hotel, Grangemouth FK2 0YB.

The event runs from 3 to 8pm. Booking essential! Cost is £5 per person, payable at the door. 

WHat happens?

Each Encounter follows a prayer theme from the Bible. This year it is Ephesians 6:10-20, exploring how the apostle Paul tells us to be bold and WITHOUT FEARMany young people struggle with fear and anxiety - about faith and where they stand with God; about the future; self-image. We want to encourage them that God's might strength is available to them - that they can come and approach God in prayer with freedomboldness and confidence.  Here is what happens from 3 to 8pm!



Workshops are led by qualified adults, assisted by young people. They give space to address questions, explore what the Bible says and pray in response.

Without fear - in faith: A space to share vulnerabilities and doubts about being a Christian. Maybe you're not sure about your beliefs, or you feel insecure in your relationship with God. We'll spend some time discussing and praying for inner confidence.

Without fear - understanding anxiety: Come and get a Christian perspective on the emotion of anxiety. Understand it, look at the difference between 'healthy', regular anxiety and anxiety as a mental health illness; learn how to get help dealing with it or how to help people with it. Receive prayer, or pray for those you are concerned about.

Without fear - facing the future: If you are weighed down by stress and worry for your future, or if you can't see past the situation you are in right now, this workshop will help you look up and focus on God. 

Without fear - in who I am: Our culture tells us we can choose who we want to be and we have so many insecurities over body image, looks and identity. Who did God make you to be? Take a look at Ephesians and discover who you are in Christ.

 WHY ENCOUNTER?  What young people say...

At Encounter we want to: 

  • motivate and equip young people towards a lifestyle of prayer
  • create opportunities to pray – alone, with others, spoken out, creatively
  • hear God’s voice and increase faith through Bible engagement, worship, and testimony of answered prayer


Young people love Encounter - particularly the prayer stations. The event is suitable for all young people, no matter what faith stage they are at.

  • I feel like today I have learnt so much like trusting God and that I shouldn't be afraid to pray and talk about anything! P7 girl

  • Today has helped me feel closer to God; it has helped me realise I can have a personal encounter with God. S2 girl

  • I enjoyed Encounter because it was different to most events. I am going to make sure I pray about everything. S3 boy

  • Many thanks for all the hard work that went into making encounter happen. Our young folks had a great day! They agreed the Bible message was really helpful and relevant. The praise band was well received and they all enjoyed the worship time. All left the event feeling they had grown in their understanding of prayer. Youth leader

Interested in serving on the team?

If you are in S5 or S6 and within travelling distance of Glasgow, join us on the planning group - or in the team who serve as youth helpers at both events. Drop an email to pray@suscotland.org.uk to volunteer. We also need willing volunteers to serve at the events as youth helpers (aged 16 to 18) and as stewards and on the tear-down team.  (Please note that all helpers will be asked to apply for accreditation as an SU Scotland volunteer and to have a current PVG certificate.)


We would love you to keep on praying for your friends, family and school all year round. Why not hold your own "mini Encounter"?

  • Speak to other youth groups in your town or area and see if they are interested in joining with you.
  • Arrange a planning group. 
  • Choose a date and central location.
  • Book a local praise band and speaker.
  • Have a time of worship and pray out prayers of thanksgiving and praise.
  • Share a testimony.
  • Pray in small groups.
  • Organise prayer stations similar to those you have seen at Encoutner.
  • Come back together to worship and finish off.
  • Start a pupil prayer group in your school. 
November: Pray for SHINE

SHINE in schools is a project to inspire and motivate Christian secondary pupils, uniting them towards one aim, namely that of giving their peers an opportunity to explore the Christian faith. At the start of November SU Groups who have signed up to the project will be watching two training videos, and in the third week running an event in their school. Prayer is a key part of SHINE in Schools. Since European Pray Day for Schools (20th November) falls during the week groups will be running events, we are mobilising people to pray!

  • Pray that SU Groups would get excited about the SHINE project
  • Pray for good ideas and planning that will enable quality events to take place
  • Pray that young people will be given boldness and courage to advertise events and invite their friends
  • Pray for young people who know nothing about Christianity will come with open minds.


If you have registered prayer for a local school with Pray for Schools Scotland, you will be notified if an event is taking place in a school near you.


If you would like to mark Pray Day for Schools, our Prayer Group Topic Sheet is useful in helping you identify local needs. 

We have free resources suitable for school groups and adult groups. Check our events page to find out if there is a Pray Day or Join event happening near you – or let us know if you have one you would like to promote! Find out more here.

Day of Prayer

Every year we set aside time to pray together as supporters, volunteers and staff – to seek God and

express our dependence on him for all our needs.

Our next SU Scotland Day of Prayer will be held on 22 January 2020.

Local events are posted on our events page; if you would like to host a prayer gathering where you live and would like us to advertise it, do get in touch. Prayer points are available to download from the sidebar of this page. 

Back to School with God Sunday

Holding a Back to School with God Sunday service is a fantastic opportunity to pray for and support your young people and school staff at the start of a new school year. It is an excellent link between church and school, and an encouragement to Christian pupils and staff. It communicates to children that the church family cares about them in the context of school life, and will commit to ongoing prayer for them and their schools.

Resources are currently being edited and will be available by the end of May. In the meantime, please email your interest to pray@suscotland.org.uk.


All the resources you need to run and publicise a service are provided.  For those who don't have space or opportunity to run a full service, a 10-minute children's talk is also available. Our 2018 theme is Read! Listen! Do! which resonates with schools and education as well as reading the Bible, listening to God, and doing something as a result. The service explores the Bible story of Philip and the Ethiopian found in Acts 8:26-39. It is suitable for all ages and  can be adapted to suit your own needs. The following resources are FREE to download upon registration:

  • All-age Service and accompanying PPT Slides
  • A4 editable poster
  • Bookmark (to order)
  • Children's Talk and accompanying PPT slides
  • Drama
  • Memory verse ideas
  • Prayers
  • Puppet Drama
Pray Together

Pray Together! was a hands-on, two-hour Sunday afternoon prayer event, particularly aimed at families with primary school age children with the vision to be

  • a place for families to discover new, uncomplicated ways to pray together
  • a place of fun, exploring as a family group what it means to talk with God
  • a place where Jesus is at the centre.

Pray Together! events are no longer running, HOWEVER look for our Facebook page to find different family prayer ideas you can try at home.

Pray Together where you live

Rather than hosting events in the cities our vision is to see local Pray Together! events, bringing together Christian families from different churches. We have programmes from previous years and would be available to come and facilitate an event, working with a local church who would be interested in hosting and working with us to provide a local team. Email pray@suscotland.org.uk  to make an enquiry and find out what a Pray Together! afternoon would look like.

Here's how the programme engages children and helps families to pray...

Pray Together! is highly interactive. Families stay as a family group to explore a Bible story, moving around different activities, making things as they go and chatting about what they read - and responding in prayer in a multi-sensory way. The programme appeals particularly to families with children in the 5-9 age range, and includes

  • Bible reading and exploration
  • music
  • drama
  • crafts
  • storytelling
  • snack time
  • things to listen to
  • things to do
  • times to discuss and pray as a family. 

Thank you for all the work that went into Pray Together. I think the vision is absolutely fantastic and really important in the discipleship of children growing up within the church. I'd love to see more families engage with it' Parent, after East Kilbride event

Pray for holidays & missions

Perhaps you can't physically go on an SU Holiday or Mission this year - but you can still join the team. We depend on our prayer partners just as much as those at the events!

If you would like to sign up to pray for camps and missions, you can do so here