New in 2018, for three weeks in November SU Groups are being encouraged to take part in a project called SHINE in Schools. We want to support them in prayer!

What is SHINE in Schools?

SHINE in Schools has been happening the last few years in Northern Ireland and England & Wales… and has now arrived north of the border! SHINE is a 3-week programme of videos culminating in the SU Group running a school event to help other pupils explore Christianity and find out more about Jesus. SHINE is running from 5 to 23 November, with school events happening in Week 3 (w/b 19 November). So far almost 35 secondary schools have registered to take part.

How Can I Pray?



Please pray for:

  • Creativity and enthusiasm in dreaming up events
  • Boldness and courage for pupils inviting their friends
  • Favour within the school community
  • Encouragement and spiritual growth.

If you can commit to prayer support every school day throughout SHINE (5-23 November), do email and ask for specific daily prayer points.

If you have registered prayer for a specific school with Pray for Schools Scotland you will be notified if an event is taking place in the school you pray for. If you haven’t yet registered prayer for your local school, why not do so today?