An annual youth prayer event for p7-S6s held every March

What is Encounter?

Encounter is different from other youth events in that:

  • A team of 16-19 year-olds plan the programme, supported by two adults, and they host the event. The planning group starts in September. If you are in S4-1st year at uni, and would like to be part of this, do get in touch.
  • It is entirely about prayer
  • It aims to help P7-S6s explore questions about prayer, engage in prayer, and become excited about prayer.

Suitable for both individuals and youth groups, we hope you will join us at Encounter 2023! 


The programme for 2022 is below, so you have an idea what happens before you book.

      2.45pm onwards    Registration and gathering time

      3.00-3.45              Opening session - Introductions, Bible talk, worship, testimony

      3.50-4.25              Workshop Choice 1

      4.30-5.00              Prayer Stations

      5.05-5.40              Workshop Choice 2

      5.45-6.25              Dinner

      6.30-7.30              The Big Pray & Worship


These were the workshops in 2022, helping build confidence in prayer. The theme was Pray Simply: Simply Pray, looking at the Bible passage Matthew 6:5-8.

1. One to One, but not One-Way

    A practical workshop on what it means to listen to God's voice in Scripture and in prayer.

2. How to Be Yourself in Prayer

    Jesus tells us not to be like the hypocrites, not to be like those who don't know God (Matthew 6:5,7). So how SHOULD we be with God in prayer? Come and find out.

3. WHEN you pray?!

    Jesus says WHEN you pray, but maybe you don't pray regularly. Maybe you don't even see the point - after all, doesn't Jesus say in Matthew 6:8 that God already knows what you need? 

4. Praying when you are feeling lost

    Life sucks. Bad stuff happens. The last thing you feel like doing is praying. Come and discover from the Bible how to cry to God honestly and without pretence.