Martin Boyd

Regional Worker, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde & Argyll

70 Milton Street, Glasgow, G4 0HR
T: 0141 332 1162

I’ve had car problems recently... couldn’t get started in the morning, sluggish, unreliable…and then there was the car problem as well (See what I did there?)! Anyway... the guy who came to fix it said it was to do with glow plugs (cue a blank look from me). The engine needs a boost to fire it up, and when I was starting the car I hadn’t been giving it a chance to be ready to start. I hadn’t waited until the glow was there.

Then I read a tweet from Christian author, Kevin D Young with this challenge...

Try this New Year’s resolution: I won’t check my phone, my tablet, or my computer until I’ve first read a chapter in my Bible.

Yikes, that is a challenge… what will be the first thing that I go to to get me fired up to meet the day? The Bible? That’s certainly my intention.

2015 will be a busy year but I hope the theme of meeting with Jesus in the pages of the Bible will permeate much of what I do. Whether encouraging SU Group leaders to keep opening the Bible in schools – planning teaching for residential events or just meeting with children and young people to encourage them in their faith, my prayer is that as the Bible is opened they will be struck by the loving kindness of God and his call to follow his son, and find that Jesus is the one who truly satisfies whatever their needs are each day. Psalm 42 says “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

I continue to work with chaplains, youth workers and parents as we plan events in schools for their Religious Observance. It’s great to work with such creative people and the schools are so appreciative of the quality of events which are run. In recent years setting up room for reflection of various topics allow pupils to explore and ask questions as we present a Biblical worldview. If you would like to know how you could be involved please get in touch.

Finally, let me mention the SU Groups again. These are great opportunities to meet regularly with children and young people and for some this will be there only opportunity they have to meet people with Christian faith, to hear them pray and watch them handle the Bible. Could you be that person? Could you give some time to your local school to run a group? If you are not sure what that might entail or would like to hear more about this please get in touch.

Weekends away

There are a couple of weekends running this term:

  • East Renfrewshire (Megamix) weekend 30 January – 1 February at Lendrick Muir
  • Renfrewshire Weekend  8 – 10 May, also at Lendrick Muir

Download information on the right.

SU Holidays

Details of the SU Holidays are on the website however, if you would like holiday brochures and a DVD to promote the holidays at your church or with your children and youth group please get in touch.


Megamix is a monthly event for young people in P5–P7. It's aimed at children in SU Groups and church groups in the East Renfrewshire area. It runs for two hours on a Saturday afternoon, with fun, games, a Bible theme and a snack at the end.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch – there's also a flyer with all the information on the right hand side of the page. The next events are:

  • Saturday 28th Feb in Newton Mearns Baptist Church
  • Saturday 28th March in Maxwell Mearns Castle Church
  • Saturday 25th April – venue to be confirmed
  • Saturday 30th May – venue to be confirmed


As I mentioned above being part of discipling young people is a crucial part of SU Scotland's ministry and one of the highlights of my year. Our COmMISSION programme aims to do this with various events during the year.

Please consider if you have any young people in this age bracket in your church who would benefit from this training. It will increase their knowledge of the Bible, help them grow in confidence in their faith, show them some really practical ways of playing a positive role on a team and introduce them to a peer group of Christian young people who will encourage them in their walk with Jesus.