West Team Leader / Regional Worker, East & West Dunbartonshire

70 Milton St, Glasgow, G4 0HR
T: 0141 352 7612

What I do

There are many SU Groups happening all round East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, Helensburgh and beyond, run by excellent volunteers who meet with the young people every week, either at lunch time or after school – my main job is to support them and to look for others who might join the team, as there are many schools which would love to have a group, but there’s a shortage of volunteers!


I’m involved in leading popular SU Holidays over the summer, and the volunteers who run them with me are aiming to give young people the holiday of their lives!                                      


Coming up in 2017/18 are 4 exciting weekends away all at Lendrick Muir.

Your Action Group

There's a local SU Scotland Action Group meeting regularly in your area to pray for schools work, to organise events and weekends, and to support SU Group leaders like yourself. Do get in touch with the leader of your Action Group to keep them informed or to ask for support – I meet with them regularly! They lead a team of volunteers who are serving Christ in ministry.


If we can support you or your church, or your group in any way in your ministry to young people and in schools, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email and I’ll come and talk to you, and your local Action Group will spring into action.