Regional Worker for Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde

70 Milton Street, Glasgow, G4 0HR
T: 0141 352 7642

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the work of SU Scotland in East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.  I love living and working in this area and am excited to see God at work in our corner of Scotland!

I’m really encouraged by the work that’s already being done by local churches and brilliant SU volunteers in schools.  We have 92 primary  and 24 secondary schools across East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde so there’s a lot of ground to cover! Below you’ll find some information about the ongoing ministry and how you can help support the work. Please get in touch if you’d like more details, would like to get involved or have some new ideas for us!



In everything we do at SU Scotland we recognise our complete dependence on God - we know that apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15v5) and so prayer is at the very centre of our work.  There are various ways you can get involved and pray for the ministry.

Our Pray for Schools page has lots of helpful information on the network of prayer groups in schools. If you are already part of a group (or would like to be), you can find out how to register and help us in our vision to make every school a prayed for school.

We run prayer events throughout the year, such as Pray Together for families and our youth event, Encounter.  If you’d like more information on any of these, you can search our events page.

Finally, if you would like to receive my own quarterly prayer letter for East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde, please email and I’ll make sure you’re added to the list!



I am passionate about seeing churches engage with their community, whether through practical service, outreach activities or just having an open door.  Whilst you are best placed to do this in your local area, please get in touch if I can support your church in seeking to engage with children and young people, whether it be in equipping young leaders, running a holiday club, or if you would like your youth involved with our events.

Additionally, for creative, practical, and realistic ways in which your congregation can support their local school, please visit our Serve Your Local School website.  In my previous role as Children and Families Worker at my local church, I experienced first-hand the benefit of good partnerships between the church and their local school. Which brings me neatly onto my next point….


SU Groups

SU Groups are an extra-curricular activity which generally form part of a school’s informal curriculum. They can run either during a lunch time or after school and are an inclusive opportunity for children and young people to explore the Bible in a safe environment.

There are groups running across East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire and we are hugely thankful to the volunteers who serve in these. Each group is different and shaped by the young people and leaders who are involved, with the support of the local Regional Worker.

If you would like to know more about groups in your area or if you are interested in being involved or starting a group, then please do get in touch.



When I was fourteen I attended an SU Holiday and discovered for the first time what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus. That was the start of my journey and so I cannot recommend highly enough the benefits of residential trips with SU! The camps are an excellent opportunity to develop relationships, get quality Bible teaching and have fun doing a range of fantastic activities.

You can find out more on the SU Holidays website, or get in touch to request holiday brochures and a DVD to promote the holidays at your church.

We currently run weekend camps that have direct links with the SU Groups in East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire, please get in touch if you’d like more information on these.


Thank you for taking the time to read about what’s happening in East Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.  If you can support the work by praying, giving or volunteering then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.