Associate Worker, Contraflow

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Contraflow has been associated with SU Scotland for over 17 years now and has had number of different youth workers during that time. Coinciding with the arrival of Helen in March 2015 came a refreshing of Contraflow’s vision:

To share God’s love with young people in the area and to see them responding to the significance of Jesus through:

  • Exploring the Bible with children and young people
  • Supporting youth leaders in the churches
  • Building relationships with young people and their families 

What I do?

Contraflow’s vision means Helen’s role is wide and varied from assemblies in local schools to SU groups, midweek youth groups to special events such as Easter Code. Covering 12 primary schools and 2 secondary schools there is a huge potential to engage with young people and share the gospel with them.

What can you do?

The two main aspects that we as a trust and Helen as a worker need are:

  • Prayer – for the trust, the worker, the young people and the work of SU
  • Give – of your time in volunteering or financially if you are able

If you want to know more about the work Contraflow is doing please visit