Regional Worker, Scottish Borders

SU Scotland, Slitrig Cottage, 1 The Village, Hawick, TD9 0AH
T: 01450 376453

I have been excited recently to see the results of people praying for their local schools across the Scottish Borders – prayer really does make a difference to what happens in schools.

I am very keen to see prayer groups established for all the schools in the area. These could be groups of young people praying for their own school, groups of parents praying for the school(s) their children attend, or a church group praying for their local school. It could meet weekly, monthly or termly, before school, during the day or in an evening, depending on what suits the pray-ers.

If you are involved in a prayer group for a local school, or if you are interested in setting one up, please get in touch.

There are just over 70 schools in the Borders and about 130 churches – nearly twice as many. If every church aimed to have one meaningful contact with a local school once a year – even something as simple as making traybakes for a staff in-set day, it would make a huge positive impact. For ideas of things a church could do in a school, please visit the Serve Your Local School website.