Director of National Ministries

70 Milton Street
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Thank you for taking time to find out about the work of SU Scotland. Did you know there are SU Groups in about 450 schools up and down the country? This means that in one out of every three schools, children and young people are exploring the Bible, considering the claims of Christ, growing in their faith, sharing the good news about Jesus, becoming leaders, getting involved in their churches and making a difference in their communities.

However, there’s so much more to do! Wouldn’t it be great to see more groups in more schools with more children learning more about God?

Would you consider joining the SU Scotland team by partnering with us in one (or more) of the following ways?

  • Signing up to receive my newsletter and remembering the work in prayer
  • Giving financially to support the ministry
  • Volunteering with a local SU Group or on a residential event
  • Finding out how your church could partner with SU Scotland

If you’re interested in finding out more about these opportunities, please get in touch and thank you for your support.

Growing up in a Christian home, going to church every week and reading SU notes from an early age meant that I was always aware of God’s love. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 13, soon becoming an ‘apprentice’ teacher in the Sunday School and getting involved with our church’s summer holiday clubs.

I came to Scotland in 1989 to study at Glasgow University, became involved in the Christian Union, signed up for summer beach missions and began to sense God’s call into mission. God used Romans 10 to open my eyes to the plight of those who had never heard of Jesus, and challenged me to invest my life in reaching the unreached and going wherever God needed me to go. At first that meant Cambodia, with OMF International, and then to Singapore.

Now the Lord has led us back to Scotland, but the calling remains the same. How many are there in Scotland today - particularly children and young people - who have never heard about the Saviour? And how can they hear, and respond to the
significance of Jesus, without someone sharing the good news with them?

Dave Rickards


“Dave and Fiona were mission partners of our church during much of their time in Cambodia and then Singapore, and we are delighted that, on their return to the UK, God has led them to SU Scotland! As Director of National Ministries Dave will bring the ideal combination of strong leadership skills, an ability to communicate God’s word clearly and a passion for reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus.”

Moira Merriweather