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Hello and welcome to our Ayrshire Regional Work information page. I am so pleased you have decided to check out all that is going on in Ayrshire. God is clearly at work in the lives of children and young people in Ayrshire, and we would love you to partner with us to be part of this.

Recently we have been asking people for financial support. If you would like to support the local work in Ayrshire, you can do so on this page by filling in the 'Give to Support Ayrshire' section. In Ayrshire we work very closely with Colin & Sylvia at Gowanbank so alternatively if you would like to support the Gowanbank Conference centre, please click on this link.

Within Ayrshire we are a group of followers of Jesus who want to give children and young people the chance to explore the Bible and form a response to what they learn. We believe in a God who knows and loves each child and young person in the region, and who has an abundant life to offer them. So, come and join us! Whatever you have to offer, there’s space for you to serve God within Scripture Union in Ayrshire.

Below is a snap shot of what is going on. If you want to get a fuller picture, please register for my termly newsletter, which you can do on this page. Also there are so many opportunities to further the Good News, we always need more volunteers! If time is too limited to volunteer, you can support the region financially on this page too. The more people involved in volunteering and giving - the more we can do!



We realise we cannot do this alone but are dependent on God, which is why prayer is a crucial part of what we do. We are immensely grateful to all our prayer supporters who faithfully use the @SU prayer diary, meet with others to pray for the ministry, and pray for regularly for specific schools.

It is our vision to make every school in Ayrshire a prayed-for school, and this is something supporters can do from the comfort of their own home as a group, or as a church. Our Pray for Schools page has more information on how you can pray for your local school, as well as how to register your interest.

If you would like to receive my own quarterly prayer letter for Ayrshire, please email me, and I’ll make sure you’re added to the list!



There are 168 schools in Ayrshire, educating over 62,000 pupils – that’s a lot of opportunities to explore the Bible!

SU Groups are an extra-curricular activity which run either during a lunch time or after school. They are run by volunteers and provide an opportunity for children and young people to explore the Bible in a safe environment. Everyone is welcome at an SU Group – from any faith background or none. It’s so exciting for us to see children showing an interest in God who have never encountered him before!

Currently we have lots of schools without an SU Group, so if you would like to hear about opportunities to serve in this way please contact me.


Holidays and weekends

Throughout the year, I am involved in taking children and young people away on residential weekends and holidays. These events are a brilliant opportunity to develop relationships, provide Bible teaching and have fun! Find out more on the SU Holidays website, or get in touch to request holiday brochures and a DVD to promote the holidays at your church. If you'd be interested in volunteering at a residential event then I'd love to hear from you too!



Scripture Union in Ayrshire is here to support and equip the local church.

It is an incredible privilege to have the support of so many churches in the region. There is such a sense of community as churches work together in partnership to reach the children and young people in their areas.

Ayrshire, is a big region and unfortunately I can’t be everywhere at once but I would love to support you in any way I can. Please do get in touch if you would like support running a holiday club or mission, equipping youth leaders, organising a curricular event for your local school (such as ‘Easter Code’), if you would like your youth group invited to our events, or if you would like me to visit your church and share about the work of SU Scotland.

Additionally, for creative, practical, and realistic ways in which your congregation can support their local school, please visit our Serve Your Local School website.



We are so lucky to have the 45 bed Gowanbank Conference Centre in our region. It is a perfect venue for day trips, church weekends and of course SU Holidays and Weekends. To find out more please visit their own site: Gowanbank, SU Scotland's Christian conference centre.

Local events

Ayrshire Youth Worship Nights

Once a month (term time) we have our Ayrshire Youth Worship Night in The Ayr Ark. This event sees young people S1-S6 from many churches in Ayrshire uniting to worship God and listen to what he wants to say to us through his word. If you would like more information and any publicity for your church please get in touch, Carol.Baird@suscotland.org.uk



Powerpoint is a youth worship night for S1-S6 that includes Bible teaching, and worship. We’re excited to see this ministry grow and for young people from around the region to be encouraged in their faith. For information on upcoming events visit the Powerpoint Scotland website here.


Thank you for taking the time to read about some of the things that are happening in Ayrshire. SU Scotland is one big family and I’d love for you to be part of it. If you can support the work by praying, giving or volunteering then please do get in contact.