gap year 2017-18; Member, Student Executive

Andrew loves to spend time together with friends playing games or heading out to the cinema. On quieter days he is more likely to be found curled up with a good book (though there won’t be many of these days on his gap year!)

He has chosen to spend the year with SU Scotland due to his love of working with young people and a desire to share what he describes as “the amazing gospel” with all of them. He is really excited about the chance he will get as part of this to travel overseas and see how SU works in other cultures.

He hopes that over the course of the year his confidence will grow in engaging with new people and that his relationship with God will grow in depth, understanding and dependence.

As someone who is well known to the organisation due to his involvement over many years, we are delighted to have him onboard!

Andrew has opted for a gap:local year, remaining in Edinburgh where he has such a great support network, as part of the Edinburgh Schools Team (es-team). There he will have responsibility for leading a number of schools groups, teaching in classes, taking assemblies and being part of the leadership team for city wide events and residential events.