Watch Suzanne's story on why SU Groups are so important, and her SHINE experience in the last week of November.

SU Groups are important for many children and young people – providing safe spaces to explore and share faith.

Through this appeal you are investing in this vital ministry, helping to reach more children in schools and encouraging those who love Jesus to shine for Him.

If you can support this appeal, your Regional Worker will keep you up to date with progress in your area.

Hannah's SU Group

Want to Fundraise?

If you want to help us meet this need but cannot give at the moment, why not take advantage of our Wee Celebration materials and hold a fundraiser your way – in your home, at church or somewhere else?


Shine in Schools is an initiative created by SU Scotland and five other organisations. It aims to do two things:

  • Equip Christian young people to live for God at school
  • Provide opportunities for others to explore the Christian faith for themselves

You can


SU Groups are diverse in their nature and offer pupils of all ages the opportunity to access a safe space to build friendships, explore the Bible and exercise their gifts. Led by senior pupils, or volunteers, or staff, we are working towards our goal of 500 SU Groups in Scotland. This sounds like a large number but there are so many more open opportunities for volunteers to lead SU Groups.

Watch Pamela’s video on YouTube to see what the possibilities are.