Today, schools are often challenging places, even hostile, for young people to stand up as Christians among their peers.

And yet we still enjoy wonderful opportunities to help young people explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus!

Over 6,000 pupils attend SU Groups across Scotland – some hearing the Good News for the first time, others keen to study God’s Word. Our network of Regional and Associate Workers, along with more than 800 volunteers, invest time in building supportive relationships with pupils, inspiring confidence in the faith and helping them to share the gospel relevantly and sensitively with their peers.

Using the map below, you can find out what is happening in your local area, sign up for local updates and give to support the work happening in schools and the communities near where you live. If you would like to just give - you can make the most of this opportunity on this page (below the map) - all regular gifts will still be applied to your local area!


What can your regular gift do?

Shine - A three-week focus in the autumn to equip Christian pupils in secondary schools, motivating them to share their faith and culminating in a special event to tell others about Jesus. If 30 supporters give £5 per month, it would meet our project costs.

"One girl who came realised she new very little about Jesus, and since has really gotten involved with her local church".

Jenny, Glasgow

SU Groups - Safe places where pupils explore the Christian faith in fun, memorable, exciting and age appropriate ways. We’d like to provide Starter Packs for new SU Groups with all the resources that a leader needs to get things going. £120 will buy a pack including Bibles for the group. Could you give £10/month to meet this need?

"Clovenstone SU Group is a really busy, happy, noisy group… up to 37 at our busiest. It has led to lots of additional opportunities too – even visiting the home of one of our regular attenders who is currently battling leukaemia and bringing along all the things we had used at SU that week, running a very mini session for her and her non-Christian family and leaving them with gifts and prayer messages from the church".

Jo, Clovenstone Primary

Equip! - Training events that help young people to lead their SU Groups and live for Jesus at school. Could you give £15 per month to help train pupils to lead SU Groups or £180 to sponsor an event?

"The Equip! events have allowed me to answer all the questions put to me by non-Christians and given me the confidence to do so".

- Pupil, Clifton Hall Senior School

Bible Alive - In over 80 primary schools across Scotland, this exciting programme teaches children in P5–P7 the whole story line of the Bible in a series of interactive multi-media lessons. It uses Rhyme & Sign, storytelling, music, drama, puppets, quizzes and costumes to bring the Bible to life. Could you contribute to the cost of training (around £250) by a recurring gift of £20/month?

"It has shown me that the Bible is interesting, and that God listens to you and your troubles wherever you are".

- Pupil, Airdrie