Today I am asking you to give if, like me, you wish to see significantly more children and young people exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus, both online and in person. 

The past year has created space for us to try, learn and grow, developing new forms of online ministry that have been vital during the pandemic.  

Experience gained from digital projects like SUTV, Scotland’s Biggest Holiday Club and fresh resources like Colour in Easter have demonstrated the huge potential to reach many more children and young people with the gospel and equip them for Christian service 

We must harness this 'digital' experience and intentionally invest to engage young people online, as a complement to the face-to-face activities which remain at the heart of what we do as SU Scotland.

Children and young people need to know the hope and love of Christ more than ever – but hundreds of thousands are oblivious to the message of the gospel which we know brings salvation and life in all its fulness 

Your gift will help create thousands more connections with the next generation, enabling them to hear and react to the glorious deeds of the Lord, his power and his mighty wonders! 

Read below for more of our plan, and please give generously - thank you.

Robin MacLellan


Hello Ello!

Currently, SU Scotland reaches less than 2% of children and young people in Scotland. Multiplying Connections is our response to the need for the 98% to hear of the hope and love of Christ.

Your gifts to this appeal will inspire two key elements of our digital vision:

  • Raising over £65,000 will enable us to appoint and equip a 'Head of Digital' to coordinate efforts and bring this vision to reality.
  • And, we pray, it will inspire additional funding - this vision needs more than £400,000 of investment in the next three years.

This is a game changing step for SU Scotland, as we seek to reach pupils where there are no SU Groups, enhance existing ministry, explore new avenues and equip both staff and volunteers with what they need to connect with thousands more young people.

“We will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord 
about his power and his mighty wonders.” Psalm 78:4 NLT 

"My name is Claire McAdam. I am originally from the Philippines where I lived in the capital city of Manilla - bigger than any British city. But in 2017 we moved to Wick, in the far North of Scotland, a town with a population of only 8,000 people. It couldn’t be more different! There are no shopping centres or big shops. Our church is very small, and my dad is the pastor.  

My experience of online discipleship has been very positive, in that I’ve been able to meet friends online, and new people - a great benefit during lockdown. And there is good Bible teaching with different speakers each time.  

More online opportunities would be a big help to people, especially younger people like me and others in isolated places, especially during lockdown." 

Claire McAdam - S3

As leaders at SU Camps, we know the anguished faces of those young people who do not want to relinquish possession of their mobile phone! And we can understand why. For most, a mobile is a device far greater than a phone. It’s used as an alarm clock, needed to play music, to take photos, to read the Bible, to find and check information and to stay connected. Being online enables us to keep up with what is happening in the world around us and in the lives of friends and family.   

Technology can bring so many opportunities and possibilities. It can bring people together and keep them connected. It can inform, teach and reach audiences far and wide.

At home, our children have multiple devices that enable them to get online. They make regular use of devices to access lessons and learning. They also get online to play and chat with friends. In fact, our children can spend rather a lot of time online!    

As parents, we are always mindful of how much time should be spent in front of screens. We all know the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time offline and how difficult it can be to get the balance right. We want to encourage our children to get outside, spend time with friends and enjoy sports and physical activities too. Perhaps that is why we have loved them being part of SU Camps over the years!   

However, the reality is that our children are growing up in a world that requires them to be adept at learning (and one day working), socialising and communicating both online and offline.   

And so, in an increasingly digital world, where almost all aspects of life have an online element, it makes sense that mission and the work of organisations like SU should also include online aspects. We need to meet young people on their terms and in ways that work for them. An effective digital presence is a key part of the answer.

Iain and Naomi Campbell - Parents & Volunteers

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