SU Scotland has been blessed over the decades by generous investment from individuals, families, trusts and churches.

While we believe that every gift is from God, we recognise the increased responsibility for careful stewardship of larger gifts.

If you are interested in making a gift of £5,000 or more to the ministry of SU Scotland, we would recommend first contacting John Mowat, our Support Development Manager. John is best placed to confidentially discuss your giving, connect you with a relevant member of staff if appropriate, and ensure your wishes are realised. Gifts may be applied to general costs, a ministry of your choosing, or potentially to meet a specific need of which you are currently unaware.

A significant gift enabled SU Scotland to purchase Lendrick Muir in 1998, while further giving has facilitated upgrades to Alltnacriche and Gowanbank. Other substantial gifts have financed ministry positions, purchased adventure activities and assisted young people from disadvantaged communities to be included in our programmes.

Each gift made will contribute to children and young people finding somewhere safe and welcoming where they can explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus.



John Mowat, Support Development Manager

0141 352 7606

70 Milton Street, Glasgow, G4 0HR