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Will you give to support the growing ministry at Lendrick Muir?

Since SU Scotland opened Lendrick Muir in 1999, it has been a vital part of our ministry. Children and young people come to have a fantastic time, to build relationships, to be challenged and to encounter Jesus, many for the first time.

The very personal stories of changed lives at Lendrick Muir are why we believe it has a special place in the hearts of those who visit.

You can give a regular gift to reduce the financial footprint of our staff team, or a one off gift which we can use to develop activities and facilities to ensure Lendrick Muir retains a reputation for excellence where children and young people encounter Christ.


As my last camp, it could not have been more enjoyable. I became a Christian at my first camp 5 years ago and it was the best decision I could have made. And every year when I’ve come back I’ve gotten such a spiritual boost. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me SU!”

Camper, 2015

“My son is just back from Lendrick Muir. He had a fantastic time and made four new friends, not bad for a kid with autism! The leaders were brilliant role models for him and he was raving about the (Bible) stories.”

Parent, 2016

Sing V2“I was able to increase my confidence as a Christian

in normal life at home.”

Camper, 2015

“Superb. The children had a very positive and enjoyable experience. The only wish from pupils was to be at Lendrick Muir longer.”

P6-7 Teacher, 2015

“I went to Disneyland, but this was better.”

Camper, 2015

“Lendrick Muir is a place very close to my heart - it’s where I made many of my best friends, and where I first committed my life to God. An amazing place full of so many happy memories.”

Hazel Cruickshanks, 2016


No wonder centre usage in growing year on year! Time and again we hear testimonies like those above conveying a sense of belonging and warmth, of important steps taken in the journey of faith, of strengthened and renewed relationships.

The below are shown the most pressing needs of the centre - can you give generously to the ministry of Lendrick Muir? Past gifts have laid a solid foundation but we need to keep on investing for the future, so we might hear many more testimonies of God’s favour.

Yours in Christian service

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Andy Bathgate

Chief Executive

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