Can you invest in Gowanbank, SU Scotland's newest residential activity centre?

Following the years of growing ministry at Alltnacriche and Lendrick Muir, the centres are reaching capacity. We need your help to develop the wonderful gift of Gowanbank into an activity centre which, like our other centres, will become a hub of spiritual transformation, relationship building and Bible teaching.

You can make a gift on this page or read more below.

Thank you to all those who have already given an astounding £260,000! The centre is open for bookings, having hosted its first SU Holiday and other events, and the response from visitors is already overwhelmingly positive. The development of the centre continues at a pace and it is a simple case of the more funds we can raise, the more we can do at Gowanbank. Thank you for your wonderful generosity which has enabled us to get this far!


Gowanbank is full of potential...

It is our vision that Gowanbank will swiftly become a flourishing centre, a place of belonging and community, serving a wide range of children and young people through a number of programmes. Situated within ten miles of Kilmarnock, Gowanbank is ideal for engaging new schools and groups from the west of Scotland, and it offers a homely environment for young leader training and family-focused breaks.

With new staff and ministry opportunities, Gowanbank meets our strategic focus of "Growing the Team". Our prayer is that those who visit will have the opportunity to explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus, and that Gowanbank will become a spiritual home for coming generations.


Built in 1890, Gowanbank has a rich local heritage...

Darvel (and the Irvine Valley) was once the epicentre of a world-famous textile industry which at its height served Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and the Prince of Monaco. The innovator behind this industrial boom was Alexander Morton, the original owner of Gowanbank.

Morton was a true rags-to-riches success. Growing up in a single parent, working class household, Alexander worked hard, sharing his wealth and success with other mill owners, his family, his employees and the community. He gifted the clock for the church tower, hosted regular garden parties for the community at Gowanbank, and apparently, was the world expert on the pansy!

When you visit Gowanbank make sure you have a look at the monument of Morton just outside the grounds. I am sure he would be delighted with our plans for his family home, so generously given to SU Scotland.


Gowanbank has been re-fit, but this is just the start...

With phase one of the development completed, groups have started visiting the centre!

One of the largest areas of improvement has been the kitchen. The room has been transformed to an industrial standard, with stainless steel fittings and durable fixtures. The room has also been extended and now features a pantry, and via a new entrance connects to a new servery which is finished in a vibrant lime green!

Outside, paths have been cleared for activities such as bush craft and archery, but a shelter still needs to be built as a base for school groups. Boundary fencing is to be erected, and some extensive weatherproofing work is required on the roof and exterior walls of the house.

Other areas of development have been new bathrooms, the furnishing of bedrooms and lounges, creating a games room, bringing the fire safety system up to standard and replacing some of the carpets.

While the main building is now fit for purpose, there are a number of outbuildings which need attention, perfect spaces for stores, classrooms and drying rooms and we would love to install an activity, such as a ropes or tunnel course.

God's people have already provided finance to allow the centre to be opened. However there is still much more to do. Please watch the video below to see how the centre has shaped up so far.

Before and After

Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the official Gowanbank website to follow the progress of the project, where we will have updates and behind the scenes footage. Please give generously so this new ministry can be opened on time and with a flourish.

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