Can you help us invest in the next stage of development at our campsites; Kingscross on Arran and Scoughall in East Lothian? Traditional campsite experiences have created many special memories and, to continue providing them we need to adapt, with your help

Alongside significant improvements to existing facilities, we hope to construct new accommodation pods on both sites. The exciting developments itemised below will address current and future challenges and provide a more comfortable environment.

This is an imaginative and exciting project and we want to ensure that the resources required are available. Your help by giving, fundraising, or volunteering to build these pods, will make this development a reality and continue the extraordinary story of these sites.







If you can make a contribution towards this appeal of £5,000 or more, either by making a gift or by fundraising with your church, friends or other group, we will offer you the opportunity to name a pod (within reason)!!

Since the 1950s, these two sites have seen young people grow up, find best friends, train to be leaders and meet Jesus. Your gifts and fundraising efforts will be key to more young people experiencing the same benefits as those thousands who have come before them, and many more occasions where young people will encounter Christ for the first time.

Thank you for making a difference!