We thank God for Scripture Union’s first 150 years! The original vision of Josiah Spiers is still being fulfilled by thousands of committed volunteers, encouraging young people to explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus. If you are one of those volunteers, staff members, financial backers or prayer stalwarts, past or present – thank you!

Psalm 78:4 says "...we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord..." We have so many reasons to celebrate God’s faithfulness during the past 150 years and we are inviting you to invest in the future.

We hope the stories and pictures below stir memories of the impact of Scripture Union on you, your family and your friends. Can you join us in celebrating the past and investing £150? You can make a gift of any amount, or perhaps organise a fundraising event (we can help), to invest in future generations.


On behalf of the next generation - Thank you so much for the

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"I began going to SU Camps when I was in Primary 5. Back then I was quite difficult to handle but the leaders were exceptional. As I matured, the leaders had a serious impact on my Christian life, and I was also making close friends who helped my social life and general well-being. Throughout my time at SU I have seen myself grow and develop, not only as a person, but also spiritually. Without SU, I would not be the individual I am today."

Alastair Ramsay - Child of the 00s


"I first heard of SU Scotland in 1995 when I was in Primary 7. I can safely say for the first few years I was not remotely interested in the 'God stuff' but absolutely loved the camps for the people, the fun and the activities. However, God had other plans and used various people to share the good news with me. The love and support shown to me at these camps was a long time ago, but the impact continues."

Lindsay Glover - Child of the 90s


"When I was 11, I went to an SU holiday in Lossiemouth, however I can't remember much about it. As an adult, I got involved with SU, and while at a council meeting in Linlithgow, an older man who had just joined the council asked if I was the John Cross who had been at Lossiemouth in 1965. He was my old dorm leader, who had been praying for me for 35 years! I had no recollection of him whatsoever, nor what effect his prayers had on my life, but it makes me wonder what happened to the other boys in the dorm, whom he had also prayed for."

John Cross - Child of the 60s


"I met RT Archibald, the CSSM worker for India, in 1935 at a boy’s school in Darjeeling. It was through him I learned that the Lord Jesus loved me and gave himself for me. When I was 30, I came to teach in Glasgow, and was invited to help at camps by Rev JW (Boss) Meiklejohn. After seven years serving with SU in Scotland, the Lord called me back to India to be an SU Staff Worker, a post I held for over 50 years. So the work the Lord began, He has completed. To Him be the thanks and glory."

John Jacob - Child of the 30s

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Thank you! At the end of May, we sent an urgent appeal to supporters about a £250,000 gap in our finances. We are delighted that many of you have given generously and these donations, along with other savings we have been able to make, have reduced the gap to £30,000. We still have work to do, but are so grateful for this response.