We took a group of secondary school pupils away for the weekend at the end of November, and had a brilliant time. Below are some of the comments from the young people about the weekend - hopefully this will give you a taste of the event and also help you to give thanks for all that happened...

Lanarkshire Weekend Nov 2016

"How has your relationship with God changed because you were here?"

  • I learned not to doubt God
  • I now know that God is there for me all the time
  • I believe more
  • My faith has been renewed as it is always easier at these events
  • He cares for everyone
  • Well I read the Bible and I liked it so I am going to read it from now on to communicate with God
  • I have a bit more insight about him
  • I now know that God is always there for me even if I sin
  • I learned that God actually listens – the story about the girl in Africa praying for a hot water bottle and a doll has changed my relationship with God.
  • My relationship with God has changed by knowing that He is loving, forgiving, faithful and protective.
  • I have been able to trust him more when doing activities like the leap of faith
  • It made it stronger
  • When we put our “sins” on the cross and thought about how we need to forgive others by washing the little people that really helped me forgive.
  • It has changed now know that God is nice, kind and forgiving and great, mighty and powerful