I’ve enjoyed a couple of visits over to Arran this term. Once to visit and take part in Messy Church at Whiting Bay Church, where I met Evelyn who goes into Arran High School with the Gideons.

We got talking about the follow-up visit they do in the summer term (after handing out New Testament and Psalms the previous winter). If ever there were two organisations that could partner in this way it has to be Scripture Union and the Gideons!

This led to my second trip where we took a class of S1s through an introduction to the Bible, including how to navigate it, an explanation and brief exploration of the Psalms and a quick summary of the overarching Old Testament Story – introducing where the New Testament picks up, and challenging them to see what happens next by reading gospel accounts of Jesus.

Give thanks for this group of young people who now have Bibles and, we pray, been motivated to engage with them.


Written by David Clipston, SU Scotland's Regional Worker for Ayrshire. This article first appeared in David's June 2015 newsletter.

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