So let’s get the trivia out of the way first. Today’s mental maths revolved around my energy used on the bike over the past 4 days (estimated) and how long this energy would run a 100W lightbulb, the answer I came to was around 42 hours. The next thing you may like to know is that when cycling I ‘soundtrack’ what is happening. This normally happens through a song that goes round my head fairly endlessly during any given ride but it usually is different each time. Today’s song was one that I haven’t heard too often and certainly not for a while, so I was left with just the chorus of ‘Made Me Glad’ (Hillsong) and I found the lyrics, loosely based on Psalm 18, inspiring;

You have made me glad, and I'll say of the Lord
You are my shield, my strength, my portion
Deliverer, my shelter, strong tower
My very present help in time of need

Now I mentioned that I would talk about the wonderful volunteers and today was the day. I’ll share with you just two. First of all with sadness, I was given the news that John Berkeley had passed away yesterday afternoon, an extraordinary SU supporter, who in the time I have known him and his wife Muriel, have made donations to cover many young people’s costs of going to camps from the local area. Not only that, he was diligently prayerful for all of SU’s work and was always keen to know what could be prayed for whenever I spoke with him. He won’t see the full harvest that he helped to sow, but I know that this is not a concern to John.

320 Myles - Day 4 Cafe

The second volunteer is Meg Lowe who operates near Aberlour. Aberlour was an important part in the journey for me as, nestled in the main square, is my favourite café, a long time planned stop. Unplanned, Meg had popped into the same café after finishing this morning’s Bible Alive programme at Inveravon Primary School and we welcomed her to join us (I couldn’t walk to her table). We had lunch together and were encouraged by her plans for further Bible Alive opportunities. Then Meg said that she needed to leave to get to her next Bible Alive appointment in Knockando. Colin and I finished our refreshments later, went to pay and were informed that Meg had in fact paid for our meals when she left. Now I am not suggesting everybody needs to buy me lunch but Meg’s generosity of giving time – a full day of planning and delivering Bible Alive each week when self-employed – and in buying us lunch was again a real inspiration for me today. As I said these are just two of the 100+ wonderful volunteers in the region. Maybe you could join their ranks where you live?

Like at the end of any good album or book there is a list of thank you’s that only really makes sense to those being thanked and here is mine – Colin (my support driver and stand in Mother), Mum, Dad, Billy, Liz, Gordon, Linda, Meg, Emma, Dave, David, Francis, Elaine, Chris, Heather, Paul, Peter, Debbie, Thomas, Adrian, Margaret, Jane, Anne, Bill and Victoria and my boys for all the joy they brought to me through-out the ride.

Thanks again and I wonder where to next time? I suppose all the schools that visit Alltnacriche can’t be that far away?

320 Myles - Bike Ride Finish Line


The Stats

  • Average speed 26km/h 16mph
  • Top speed 62km/h 38.5mph
  • 1539 meters climbed
  • 130km/80m covered
  • Temperate - 2 degrees
  • Time on bike - 5 hours
  • 6000 meters climbed (higher than light aircraft fly)
  • 541km/336m ridden (16m of detours for non-existent roads!)
  • Time on bike 21 hours (so every hour pedalled generates another hour of light bulb usage which is nice)
  • Food eaten; no, maybe I shouldn’t go there.
  • Blisters – 1 on my little toe, who knew it was important to riding a bike?
  • Mechanical problems – just a puncture, although perhaps I should by a new bike just to be on the safe side

And finally...

If you have read these blogs and would like to make give a financial gift, visit and choose to give to a specific region (Moray), or call 0141 352 7628 in office hours.

If you would like to know more about volunteering with SU Scotland or receiving my prayer newsletter email me at

Last of all if you have a fondness for colourful lines go here and see all the places I have ridden my bike.

Alan Myles

Alan is Regional Worker for Moray, South Islands & Highlands as well as being Schools Programme Coordinator at Alltnacriche.