It is a huge privilege that we have so many opportunities within the school curriculum to teach the Bible and to help pupils understand more about what Christians believe.

Lesley 's Blog Post

Bible Alive, Christmas and Easter lessons and assemblies are some key ways to make this happen. They provide amazing opportunities to impact children who never go to church or an SU Group. Often children come with the view that the Bible is boring, but as they explore it for themselves they discover this is not the case, and a real enthusiasm to know more emerges.

When several strands of SU Scotland’s work come together in a school or community, the help pupils receive is even greater. 

Over the last few years there have been opportunities in one primary school for all of these activities within the curriculum, as well as an SU Group and a local holiday club. The result has been that children leave primary school with a good understanding of the Bible and, in many cases, an openness to discover more. Some of these children have gone on to take part in our weekends and holidays, and to attend the SU Group in their local high school.

Some of the quotes from children illustrate, from their perspective, why they enjoy attending Bible Alive lessons!

“Bible Alive is great for RME and can get people to think different about Christians.”

“It was awesome. I wish we did more!”

“It was great learning about God and Jesus. Thank you.”  

With your continued prayer, volunteering and financial giving support we hope to see more of these opportunities being taken up in different areas around Edinburgh.