“What is this babbler saying? We need to make sense of it?...” Acts 17:18 GO Conference is a national conference for 4th to 6th year pupils who want to grow in their relationship with God and understanding the Bible. During the weekend we looked at the book of Acts. Acts 17:18 stood out for me: making sense of our faith and how God wants us to live, living this out and explaining it to others.

GO Conference 2013

I was pleased to see a significant number of young people come from Perth, Kinross and Fife. Many have been coming on our local weekends since primary school; it’s great to see them grow in their faith. This was an opportunity for pupils like Danielle from Perth High to make an even bigger step. She writes... "GO Conference gave me so much confidence with my faith! The Bible teachings were fantastic and I learnt a lot from them. I made lots of new friends and seeing them growing in their faith and standing up for God over the weekend made me even more confident to do the same."