Kathryn Campbell is coordinator of the Serve Your Local School project, as well as working in primary and secondary schools in Glasgow's west end in her role as Associate Worker with the Wheel Trust. We asked her what SYLS is all about... Serve Your Local School is a project that started life in England as Love Your Local School. It crossed the border, being taken up by SU Scotland, the Church of Scotland, CARE, and the Baptist Union of Scotland - with a subsequent change of name to suit the Scottish perspective! Serve Your Local School is just what it says: we believe every church in Scotland has the capacity not only to pray for its local school, but to serve that school, playing a part in the local school community in some practical way. We aim to inspire, equip and resource the church to be able to do that.

Stories have come in from all over Scotland as to how people are praying for, and serving, their schools - and they are doing far more than leading end-of-term assemblies. Some ideas are creative and ambitious, such as running a 'School of Rock' or running day or week-long events for the school. Others are really simple, such as volunteering to drive the school minibus, help a teacher cut out shapes for lessons or put up displays. All of these ideas and stories are on the new SYLS website, and we'll keep adding more and more as they come in. There are small ideas through to grand ideas to suit every church size and gifting. Advice is given to those who have never done anything in schools before, to help kickstart new initiatives. There are also lots of helpful resources and pointers to great material that can be used in schools. Be inspired! At its heart, SYLS is a deeply practical project looking to find ways the church can meet the needs of its local community, particularly in and through schools. We hope every church that joins in will do so with a servant heart, grounded in prayer, not looking for a return or a platform, but simply to be a blessing, to meet the needs of schools, and to value the children and young people who are there.

Check out the website at www.syls.org.uk. Do you have your own story to share? Leave a comment below, or email Kathryn.