What does the word “missions” mean to you? When we think of “missions” we often imagine the classic missionary in a far flung land. But all over the city this summer hundreds of children will attend SU Holiday Clubs which are very much missions - a week of fun centred around the Bible and the message of Jesus. I have been involved in the same holiday club for 13 years and last year enjoyed visiting several holiday clubs around the city, which es-team support.

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We have had over 90 children at the holiday club in St John’s Colinton Mains Church. They come for five mornings in the summer holidays to hear about God, play games, bake, do crafts and all the usual messy games and dramas.

Recently we have been reviewing our event and reporting back to the two main churches involved (though seven churches are represented by team members). This review has proved to be valuable. We spoke about the hundreds of children over the years who have heard a clear presentation of the gospel, and the many opportunities to witness to their parents at the packed family nights.

For the last few years some children have attended through social work recommendations and, throughout the year, I am approached by parents wanting to know the dates of the next holiday club, before they book their family holiday! One parent remarked that her son refused to stay at other (more expensive) summer clubs but couldn’t wait for each day of our holiday club. Clearly, it’s an annual event that is valued by the whole community.

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For many children holiday clubs are their only opportunity to hear the gospel, for others it adds to what they hear in SU Groups in school. For churches it provides an introduction to Christianity for many families in their communities.

The mission-field is ready; we greatly appreciate your prayers and support for this work.

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Jenny Thomson

Day to day work as Independent Schools Worker is as varied as the wonderful schools I visit! During term time I can be found visiting SU Groups and taking part in assemblies. As part of es-team I have been involved in events like Spotlight and Powerpoint for senior pupils and The Big One for primary aged children.