Lendrick Muir’s ancient pond was restored this year as part of the Tayside Pond Project, and a new viewing gallery/boardwalk installed. To prepare for this, a specialist carried out a Habitat Suitability Index to identify species which use, or could use, the pond.

Lendrick Muir Pond

The survey detected otter spraint and also suggested that the conditions would prove attractive for the Common Toad and Newt species. All these species (as well as the European Protected Otter) are UK Priority Species which have been declining in number during the past few decades – underlining the importance of pond projects which safeguard such creatures. Pond LifeThe work involved diverting the water supply and temporarily emptying the pond, carefully removing the silt, rebuilding the sluice and re-opening the channel back into the pond. A large number of tadpoles are already in residence, and otters appear to be using the pond as a café stop, en route to the River Devon! Make sure you stop by and say hello to the toads on your next visit to Lendrick Muir! We are grateful for the support of the SITA Tayside Biodiversity Action Fund which made this work possible.  

Written by John Mowat, SU Scotland's Support Development Manager.