Hello! My name is Mark Cobain; I live in Glasgow and work at the Milton Street office as part of the gap year that I am currently undertaking with SU Scotland.

Mark - Basecamp 2

Having left school this year I found God calling me to switch plans from studying music at university and instead come and work in his service through Scripture Union Scotland. I had heard about the gap year through the COmMISSION program, which aims to equip young people in Scotland with the tools for leadership within SU Scotland events. Through the COmMISSION program a large number of young people then go out to help lead various events and camps across Scotland.

I chose to lead as a trainee at one of the summer camps, KX6 at Kingscross. This camp was particularly close to my heart as I had attended as a camper there for many years. I was able to lead alongside a close friend of mine with a young group of boys all aged P6–S1. It was a fantastic and humbling experience to see these young guys really taking a keen interest in what God was doing in their life’s and being so drawn in by the talks given each night by members of the team. I too found myself finding great challenge and calling in these talks (it’s not just for the campers!). After talks we would split into group times where another leader and I would help to try and engage with the boys and take the talk they had heard to a deeper level with follow-up questions. This was one of the most challenging times for me where the boys would be quite tired and unable to focus fully making it very hard to gauge if anything we were trying to help teach was actually being taken on-board.

As the days went by it was clearer and clearer that although the group times were great for discussion and expanding, the real way these guys were seeing Christ demonstrated in full was in the passion, patience and kindness of each of the leaders working on the team. It was truly an amazing privilege to work alongside people so hard-working and caring for these kids that they would sacrifice time and energy to help bring a deeper relationship with the Lord to the children. The boys in my team had a great time at camp with so many fun games to play and activities to try; we even won the tidiest tent competition (something for the history books I would say!).

God was truly at work in Kingscross; even on the wet and rainy days the spirit of the camp was never dampened with sing-a-longs and chants occurring at least 50 times a day! Although there is no relief better than finally being back in a nice cosy bed after a week of sleeping bags and tents at camp, there is absolutely no part of me that doesn’t want to get back out there and do it all over again! Please continue to pray for the work of Scripture Union Scotland as it does not stop after summer, plenty of events continue on all throughout the year. Visit our events section to find out what’s on and what you can pray for.

Mark - Basecamp 1

As for me, I have completed my first block of gap year training and am well underway with work at the Milton Street office. I am working with the west team in Glasgow which I am thoroughly enjoying (so far). As the calendar fills up and the workloads gets busier please pray that I will manage it well and keep time for personal spiritual growth as well as helping others to grow also.

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