I recently spoke to one of our newest Regional Workers, Gavin Thomson, to find out how he's settling into the new role...

"So, I'm about four months into my new job as es-team West Edinburgh / West Lothian Regional Worker. It's been great discovering what's going on in the two areas, meeting loads of different people and getting out and about in the schools. As I get up and running I'm excited by the variety of things already going on - SU groups I've visited have been so varied and lively, schools (some in places I've never been to before) have been keen to welcome me to lead assemblies and many other activities to be involved with.

My best moment so far has been being introduced in a primary school assembly like this: “Boys and girls, you'll remember Annette who used to visit us from Scripture Union and lead wonderful assemblies. This is Gavin who is now doing her job - we hope he's just as good! Well there was obviously no pressure there then! (I was asked back for a repeat visit so must have almost reached the standard!) As I settle in I'm even more aware of the size of the task, the need to follow what God is doing, work together with volunteers and churches and to bring all these things to God in prayer. I'm hugely thankful for the many people who I know regularly pray for me and the work going on - thanks!"

P.S. If you'd like to keep updated with what Gavin's doing, you can check out his West Edinburgh and West Lothian pages, where right now you can download his latest Prayer News.