Lindsay Stirling

I asked Lindsey Stirling, one of our volunteers, a few questions recently...

How did you first get involved with SU Scotland?

I first got involved when I was in P5 and someone at church told me about a weekend away at Alltnacriche. I am still going on SU Holidays, usually one at Easter and one in summer, either as a group leader or assistant team leader.

Why do you continue to be involved with SU Scotland?

Growing up SU really helped me to develop my faith and ultimately make the decision to follow Jesus not just because my parents did, but because I wanted to. The reason I keep going back on camps is so that other kisd can have the same opportunity I did.

When do you see God at work through SU Scotland?

I see God at work all the time on camp. There's a community that forms where everyone looks out for everyone else. We pray about everything and see answers to prayer - people's lives are changed whether we see it at the time or not. It always feels like a glimpse into how God's kingdom is meant to be.

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