Yesterday a small team of people traveled out from Scotland to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on a low key visit to support the staff and volunteers of the SU Movement there. The connection between the two movements began very tentatively in 1998 and has steadily grown and developed. We're excited for this opportunity to participate in supporting each other!

Tajikistan camp

The team left early yesterday morning (on a 3:45am flight!) and return on Monday 8th October. Your support is invaluable, whether it be through interest, practical help, or prayer. Join us as we particularly give thanks for, and ask for:

  • Mahbuba and Dima, and their welcoming home as they extend support, hospitiality and encouragement to young volunteers.
  • The developement of the campsite that SU Scotland young people have helped to finance through their summer international project.
  • The developing support, fellowship and friendship between the two movements.
  • A strong sense of unity and purpose in the team.
  • A quick adjustement to a different culture and language.
  • Stamina and energy to fully enjoy the experience.