SU Nepal

On Saturday 25 April, a 7.9 measured earthquake hit the country of Nepal. Significant aftershocks have continued to rock the country leaving many in fear. Much devastation has taken place throughout the country. At the time of writing over 6,000 had died.

NepalWe are grateful to God that all from the SU Nepal staff and Board survived without injury. Dhruba Nepal, the SU Director has been able to visit the office and found that all is intact.

Dhruba and his team are now planning to run additional camps for children in the worst affected area of the country (Sindhupalchok) later in the year. This District is quite remote so they will need to wait until access is possible again. Dhruba estimates they will reach about 1,200 children at these camps.

The needs they will face there will be significant and so the team would like to be able to take along clothing, shoes and food to give to the children that attend.

Prior to the earthquake, SU Nepal were already working towards purchasing their own building – a place for children to come and hear the good news of God’s love.

With the events of the last week, they are even more determined to see this dream come to fruition.

SU Vanuatu

March 2015 saw Cyclone Pam rip through the islands of Vanuatu, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

VanuatuThe much loved SU Vanuatu Campsite at Pango Point lost half of its buildings and suffered significant damage to the other half. Local young people and a team from New Zealand have already been over to help with the clean-up and much was be salvaged for future use. The remaining buildings have been secured.

SU Vanuatu had recently purchased 8.5 acres of land adjacent to the existing campsite. As the current campsite has been effectively ‘cleared’ SU Vanuatu realised that now is the perfect time to do some overall planning, so that whatever is reconstructed is a part of a coherent plan which will serve the ministry goals of SU Vanuatu well into the future.

The SU Vanuatu Council, volunteers, pastors, friends and local community have identified important key criteria to be integrated into the future development.Vanuatu People

In the meantime, the dedicated staff and volunteers of SU Vanuatu continue their ministry despite the difficulties. An SU camp was held at the campsite over Easter even with most of the buildings out of action. SU Vanuatu invited (and sponsored) 50 students from local boarding schools to be there.

Very appropriately the theme was - Paoa blong God i bitim paoa blong PAM (God’s power is greater than PAM).

In the words of Albea Nalisa, the SU Vanuatu Director, “The Cyclone never changed what's in our hearts and that is to continue to witness the Name of Jesus Christ.”

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