Chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies may feel like a long time ago, but it's little over a month since we were working alongside churches to run Easter Code programmes for their local schools.

In the midst of a busy week, Steve Younger (minister at Blantyre Baptist Church) told us, “We're in the midst of Easter Code here again: loving it! Always exciting to see the Easter story come alive and start to make sense for today's P7 kids. Over 200 kids from 5 schools so far. Just two days and three schools to go.”

Visiting different locations from the Easter story, P7 pupils gained the “keys” to help them unlock the events of Easter to understand why it is still celebrated today. The two hour programme included drama, multi-sensory activities, games, craft work, music, video and discussion.

“Thank you for inviting us to the Easter Code. It showed me the true meaning of Easter.” Pupil

“We liked how you acted out the Easter story it was very funny. The quiz was fun and made us excited. Our favourite tents was the art tent and the movie also the tasting bit. We learned a lot about the Easter story and Jesus. Thank you again for a great day, thank you.” Pupil

“All the activities were interactive and helped the children to gain a greater awareness of the Easter story in a fun and memorable way. All involved were enthusiastic and worked very well with the groups of children.” Teacher