Pray Any Way UphallWe had a great time at Pray Any Way in Uphall a few weeks ago, with almost 100 people there. More than that, though, we love how God gave us an unforeseen opportunity to pray... We are grateful to Donald Macdonald who allows us to hold the event in one of his hotels. At the end a staff member came over to say he was going off duty and ask was everything ok, which was what led us to ask him if we could pray for him - and he shared deeply with us hurt and pain in his life. As far as we know he might have never met Christians who would pray for him so personally. We take praying for granted but so many people have no experience of prayer. Let’s pray that God continues to be at work in this situation.

Elizabeth McDowall is our Prayer Coordinator. Find out more about Pray Any Way and other ways you can get involved in praying with us here.