Barrhead High

Last month Tima Stupak and Andrej Likhodyeyev from the SU movement in Ukraine, Open Bible, spent some time in Scotland. During their visit, they visited a couple of schools with our regional worker, Martin Boyd. Martin shares a bit about what they got up to:


"In February I was given the opportunity to take Tima and Andrej to a couple of schools while they were in Glasgow. I asked the RME teacher at Barrhead High if they would like a visit. Last year Hilki and Denida from SU Kosovo had spent some time in classes and the teachers feel that such visits really enrich the curriculum.Tima


With year groups in the middle of covering topics of ‘persecution of Christians’, ‘war and peace’, ‘holocaust’ and ‘Existence of God – why suffering’, two Christians from Ukraine were not short of experiences to share!


Tima and Andrej also enjoyed getting along to the SU group at Braidbar Primary School and taught the children ‘Allelu, Allelu, Allelujah, We praise the Lord’ in Ukrainian."

Martin Boyd is regional worker for Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Argyll.

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