Liberton Primary SU Team'The Rock' is the new SU Group that started in October at Liberton Primary School. The idea of beginning an SU Group was first mentioned in a chat between two Christian parents in the playground. After praying about it and finding out about other Christian parents in the school Lorna, Ruth, Phil and Jocelyn began getting together around Easter time to pray for the school and to look at the possibility of starting a group.

Just after the summer holidays I met with the team to discuss plans for the group and, after meeting with the head teacher to ask for permission and make arrangements, the group began running after the October holidays. So far, an average of 13 children in P6 and P7 have been coming each week. The children come from all different background - around a third have a church connection but many of the others are exploring what the Bible has to say for the first time. There has already been a lot to thank God for: the positive contact with the head teacher and the provision of an ideal room for the group to meet in, the support of Liberton Northfield Church and the enthusiasm of the children who have come along to the group. The team would love you to join them in praying for the group:

  • That the children will keep on coming
  • For wisdom in putting together their programme - for the right balance of time and topics
  • For good relationships to continue being built with the school
  • For the Holy Spirit to be at work in the children's lives

Written by Lesley Crawford, es-team (South Edinburgh). What is es-team?