Are you a Christian aged 14-25, actively involved with SU Scotland? Do you want to make a difference in Scotland and to make the voice of young people heard in this country? If so, we’d love to hear from you...

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland's young people. Every two years, young people across Scotland elect peers in democratic elections to represent their views to local and national government, working hard to ensure the voice of young people, their concerns and ideas are heard, whatever their background, whichever community they come from.

Some of those elected (known as MSYPs) come from communities across Scotland, whilst others represent organisations working with young people – including SU Scotland. Our two MSYPs are elected to engage with the activities of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) and represent the views of Christian young people in Scotland. To stand as an SU Scotland MSYP, you need to be a Christian with an active involvement in our activities (perhaps you help lead an SU Group, have volunteered at an event, or have been to a COmMISSION event?).

Could that be you, or someone you know?

Stand 4SYP-01

As an MSYP, you would:

  • Attend SYP sittings (over a weekend, three times a year), including taking part in debates and committees about youth-related issues
  • Take part in national youth-led campaigns, selected by MSYPs
  • Pro-actively consult with young people across Scotland (especially Christian young people as an SU Scotland MSYP)
  • Keep the young people on SU Scotland’s Student Exec up-to-date with SYP activities, discuss with them those matters of particular interest to Christian young people
  • Provide a faithful Christian witness as an MSYP

In return, we would support you in arranging and attending sittings, help you gather the views of Christian young people and assist you with preparation for other SYP activities as required. We try to keep up-to-date with what our MSYPs are doing, and we have a staff member designated as their support worker who helps them with whatever the need.

Want to find out more?

Visit the SYP website for everything you need to know about what an MSYP does. If you’re interested in standing for election as an SU Scotland MSYP, or would like to find out more, call Noel Slevin in SU Scotland’s Glasgow office on 0141 352 7631 or email