The primary school programme Bible Alive is now being operated by Scripture Union Scotland, with Lesley Crawford taking on the role of Bible Alive Coordinator.

From Friday 1st April, Scripture Union Scotland took over the organisation of this successful and growing programme which seeks to introduce primary school children to the story of the Bible. Es-team worker Lesley has been involved in Bible Alive almost since its inception, so is the ideal candidate to take on this role of coordination, which she will be doing alongside her existing work in Edinburgh schools.

Bible Alive is a programme for primary schools to teach children the story of the Bible in an exciting and interactive way. Trained 'activators' visit school classes and use a selection of drama, music, multimedia, singing, games and quizzes to help children understand and learn the Bible.

The programme fits within the Religious and Moral Education Curriculum, as well as introducing the children to sign language along with social skills such as communication and inclusion.

Bible Alive has been running for six years, starting with an initial team of three, it has now trained almost 75 'Activators' who work across Scotland in Schools and also in churches and kids clubs. It is now being transferred from Kingserve to Scripture Union Scotland with the aim of seeing it used in more primary schools throughout Scotland.

"We are delighted to be adding Bible Alive to our portfolio at this strategic time - it fits well with our ethos as an organisation and complements our current five-year plan where we have spoken a lot about helping children and young people to explore and grasp the story of the Bible. We would hope to be able to expand Bible Alive and make it available to many more primary schools." Andy Bathgate, Chief Exec, Scripture Union Scotland
"The enthusiasm of the presenters was only matched by that of the children. Thank you for coming to our school." Teacher