The brand new edition of @SU Magazine is ready for you to enjoy.

This edition focusses on projects, initiatives and stories that have come out of the last year, featuring...

  • What’s next?- Find out about priorities at SU Scotland for the next 3 years.
  • One summer - Everything was different during the summer with COVID restriction still to the fore. Team Leader, Jo Rose, reflects on Day Camps.
  • In the jungle - Missions and holiday clubs were outdoors this year, making the most of God’s creation. 
  • Holidays Unleashed - When young people can’t go to holidays, the holidays have to go to the young people. Jonny Clipston shares about what happened in Newhills, Aberdeen.
  • Magnitude 2021 - Read Matthew MacNeil's account of a special festival moment, enjoyed from the church and beach in Stornoway.
  • Hello Alan Myles! - We talk to Alan Myles about what it has been like to start as Holidays Manager during a pandemic.
  • …and lots more! 




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