The first Pray Together! was held in Aberdeen in November. Anna attended the event and, along with others, explored the Bible story of Samuel. Here she shares its impact on her family.

Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.

1 Samuel 3:9

Pray Together 1

I just wanted to explain what a huge blessing the Pray Together! event you organized was for our family. Since we came along my son, who is 6, has been inspired to find times of peace to try to hear from God. It is hard to explain stillness to your child as a parent, and I feel like it was something I have never managed to explain to him myself in the way that you did. The other morning he was so excited that he had heard God speak to him, saying very special things to him. He has been greatly encouraged in reading his Bible himself too. All of the ideas and resources were so useful and encouraging. We greatly appreciated every ounce of effort that you and your team put into all of the details –we were blessed by every single one. As parents, it was like feeling we couldn’t quite believe the trouble you had gone to bless us in this way. Thank you so much for the event, the prayer journal and the encouragement you have given our family. God really blessed us through you that day.

Elizabeth McDowall

My role in SU Scotland is to encourage, excite, support and resource prayer both for the young people of Scotland, and among the young people of Scotland. What a fantastic task!