Going to SU camps has helped me a lot in growing in my faith for God and Jesus. I have been attending camps at Alltnacriche during the Easter holidays since 2015 and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed every time I have gone as well as the reunion weekend that followed in November.
But when I went to camp in 2016, I realised that week that I wanted to fully commit my life to God - believing that Jesus died for me to take away my sins. 

Every time I go to camp or the reunion, I spend the whole time with some of my best friends who always pray with me whenever I need to pray with someone. And the friends who prayed with me in 2016 helped me to come to my decision to fully commit to Jesus which I then did when I professed faith to my church on 26th February this year. 

It’s safe to say that every time I go to camp, whether it be EA1/2 or Go Conference or Christmas House Party, or when I go to Lendrick Muir with my youth group, I always come away feeling like I have learnt even more about God, Jesus, the Bible and also about being a Christian, as well as having fun with great friends and leaders. 

EA1/2 is the best camp I have ever been to and is always the best time of my life. I just want to say thank you to all the leaders who help to run EA1/2 and also all the other leaders at all the other camps I have been to since I was 8. I would also like to thank the cooks who spend ages cooking our food and the instructors who run the activities with us as well as everybody else who runs SU. 

SU has taught me how to accept other people whatever their faith and also how to live my life the way God would want, as well as the love that God has for everyone and that he does have a plan for everyone in this world. 

I am never going to forget the SU camps I have been on over the past few years and I have made so many great memories over the years as well as many great friends for life. 

Thank you so much SU for running these amazing camps.

Iona Cook