Experienced volunteers Eilidh and Andrew got married at the start of the summer. Did that stop them volunteering? Not at all!

This summer was very exciting for us as a couple. Firstly, we got married! And a close second in terms of excitement levels were the God-given opportunities to join teams at three different SU Holidays between us. We did two together, with Andrew signing up at the last minute to do an extra one.

SU Scotland has played a hugely important role in both our lives as campers and as leaders - we even met for the first time at the Christmas Houseparty! The events we attended as teenagers were extremely important in our spiritual development and, as a result of that, we love giving our time and talents to serve as leaders on camps as regularly as possible every year.

So this summer we found ourselves, newly weds of a mere two weeks, arriving at Lendrick Muir to take part in an SU Holiday together for the first time. Eilidh was a camper at Music Camp from P6 all the way up to S5, and went back as a leader last year in 2013. Music Camp is great as it attracts musical young people from all over Scotland and beyond who gather together and make music as a community for a week, learning more about God and growing in their faith together, and they even fit in some outdoor activities! For us, seeing campers just a few years younger than us being stretched and finding new joy in their Christian faith was so humbling and inspiring.

The following week, Andrew went to Arran to volunteer at KX3. It was challenging and encouraging at the same time, with God providing the support and strength as well as helping him through the tiredness of two weeks in a row. A week later, we headed back to Lendrick Muir for our final camp of the summer, LM5b, where the Commonwealth Games theme got everyone thinking about the race we are running for God, and how, with Jesus as our coach, we have all we need.

We loved seeing campers of all ages receiving and believing that truth and being built up in their faith throughout the week. One message that rang true with us from our three SU Holidays this summer was of God’s powerful hand at work in all of our lives, and that nobody was there by accident. God had a purpose and a plan for each person who ended up at camp this summer, building their faith and sowing seeds of truth and hope in their hearts.

We are so thankful for the incredible three weeks we spent leading at camp this summer, and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Written by Andrew and Eilidh Goudie

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