Updates from the trip! 

Day 9 update:

We had our last day at our teen camp here at the compound - what a great opportunity to be able to share similar thoughts, ideas, struggles - despite being from countries thousands of miles apart! God is moving in these young peoples lives! We finished our afternoon, starting to plan for the week ahead which includes a 3 and a half day kids camp!

Dave, who you all were introduced to yesterday, is leaving to fly back to Scotland tomorrow - prayers for a safe journey would be appreciated as he goes back to Glasgow to update the leadership team at Scripture Union.

Finished the day with dinner and devotions - including Freddo the gecko...

Day 8 update:

Introducing: RYAN

Hey my name is Ryan. This is my first time in Rwanda. Today we were part of a teens camp and had a few talks that were really encouraging and interesting for young people - especially learning how to honour God with social media. We also looked at the fruits of the Spirit, sang worship songs, heard a few testimonies, played several games of dodgeball and football. I have really enjoyed the worship so far in the trio and hearing different choirs sing. Everywhere I have visited so far I have felt God’s presence with me and I thank all who are praying for me and the team everyday.

Day 7 update:

Can’t believe we have officially been in Rwanda for one whole week! It feels so much longer yet hardly any time all at the same time!

This morning the leaders had a meeting with the SU Rwanda staff to go over the activities for the next week. The rest of the team planned and prepared Bible stories, songs and games for our 3 day teen camp that started tonight! We also managed to go for a walk to the supermarket and treat ourselves to homemade ice cream (absolute treat in 28-degree Rwandan sun!) We got to share testimonies and songs tonight with the teens and are super pumped for what the weekend will bring!

P.s: Continue to keep us all in our prayers - a few us of have been feeling a bit ‘fragile’ today and would love prayers for strength and energy for the days to come!

If anyone still would like to give towards our trip, here is the JustGiving page.

Day 6 update:

Introducing: Dave. Aka ‘Dad’ (to some!)

We went to the Genocide Memorial today, an incredibly moving, frightening and inspiring experience. Such horror; but also hope. Forgiveness and reconciliation, so often inspired by God’s love and mercy.

As well as joining the team for the first half of the trip, I’m spending some time with the SU Rwanda leaders. We spent some time together this afternoon reviewing strategy and thinking about future possibilities, whilst the rest of the team played, did crafts and shared the story of Jonah with the kids from the SURW Vulnerable Children’s Project.

The team have been brilliant during this first week, learning to ‘expect the unexpected’ and making the most of the opportunities they’ve had to share God’s love with the children we’ve been privileged to serve.

A message from the team:

“We have been here a week and what a week it’s been! We visited 3 nurseries and 2 secondary schools, shared testimonies, worked with vulnerable children’s project in the compound where we are staying, visited the Genocide Memorial centre and started our teens camp today! Thank you again so much for your continued support and prayers! They mean so much!”

Day 5 update:

Today was our last day of spending time in a nursery school before they close for the summer holidays - pulling up to the school and throwing your arms open to be embraced by 45 3-4 year olds definitely pulls on the heart strings a wee bit! We spent lunchtime with the SU Rwanda staff - an honour to continue building relationships with such an incredible team! Please keep them in your prayers! The rest of the afternoon was a bit of chill time and heading into town to do a bit of shopping or more so buying ‘necessities’ aka chocolate, toilet paper and fizzy juice.


Day 4 update:

Introducing: ELIZABETH

Hey my name is Elizabeth! The last couple of days in Rwanda we’ve had the opportunity to visit 2 nurseries and high school SU groups. It’s been an amazing experience to get to work with the kids there and to see how happy and grateful they are for everything they have. 
I was able to share my testimony with one of the high school groups which was scary but definitely worth it and it was so interesting to hear about how God is working in their schools and communities and share worship with them.

Day 3 update:

Spent our morning at a nursery with the cutest & most energetic kids whose love for Jesus is contagious!
The afternoon was spent travelling for a bit to visit a SU group in a high school - we got to see a lot of the beautiful landscape & laugh and sing A LOT along the way! It was such an honour to be a part of the SU service, sharing testimonies & seeing some traditional African dancing!
Finished the day driving home with the most beautiful sunset and then seeing Rwanda in rush hour traffic - quite the experience!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another team member introduction!

Team Introductions

So as part of sharing what we get up to here in Rwanda, we thought it would be fun for each team member to introduce themselves and give an update on what's been happening the last couple of days..

Introducing: MARTIN

"Hi! My name is Martin and this is my first time in Rwanda. On Saturday the team and I went to a wedding which was crazy, but an amazing way to learn the culture. On Sunday morning, we headed to church which to be honest, I wish all churches were like - dancing, singing, praising - everything was amazing!"

Kiyovu team ready to head off to church. 120 children expected at Sunday School this morning!

The team as they prepare to head off!


“We have arrived safely in Rwanda and have settled into African life – attended our first Rwandan wedding, a 5 hour church service, taken a tour of the area, working in a nursery and secondary school and building strong relationships with the people here. Thank you for your constant prayers – we value them so much and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in the next two weeks!”

Jackie Ringan

Jackie is our Director of Development and Holidays, after serving in many different roles across the organisation. A politics student at heart, she is even attempting to learn Russian!