Updates from the trip! 

Day 21 update:

It’s official. Our time in Rwanda is over - what an INCREDIBLE 3 weeks we’ve had! The posts are just scratching the surface of the photos we’ve taken, the laughs, stories, hugs, memories we’ve made and what God has taught us! 
To everyone who has supported us back home through prayers, messages, Facebook follows & and a lot of love - we are SO grateful for it all and very excited to tell you all of our stories and photos when we get home!

Travel updates will be posted as of when we get to each destination. We have made it through passport checks, getting food and then boarding to start our trip home!

Family & friends - we are on our way home!

Day 20 update:

Introducing our last team member: JO

Hey I’m Jo!

This is my second time here in Rwanda and it has been absolutely amazing second time round! It’s been great seeing folk again and revisiting places I loved before! The whole trip has been an experience and I’ve loved working with the children in the schools and the camps.

Over the last couple of days we have had the privilege to visit Akagera, the National Park of Rwanda and experience an African safari. It was a 5:30am start but it was so worth it. We saw hippos and zebras and crocs, oh my! We had lunch on the edge of the largest plain - with buffalo, giraffes and zebras just in front of us. Very surreal!

It was a lovely way to finish the trip and definitely cemented the bond between our team. I’ll be sad to leave again but excited to be back home!

Day 19 update:

We have left the compound for two days and have made it safely to Akagera National Park.
We stopped at the Women’s Opportunity Centre where we learned how to weave baskets, grind maize, use a long drop and have lunch together.

We went through the park in the afternoon - also, don’t let the ‘tans’ fool you.. the rusty-coloured dust is VERY real. Very impressed with the hotel and all very excited to go on a game drive tomorrow at 6.45am!

Day 18 update:

Introducing: ABBIE

It’s my second time in Rwanda and God has met me in so many unexpected ways! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be back, and to learn, serve and experience God in new ways. Over the last couple of days we have been leading training for Sunday School teachers and it’s been a really humbling experience. I’ve learned so much and enjoying the cross cultural discussions.

The end of the trip is coming near and we can’t believe it... we’re reflecting on how we’ve been changed with “cardboard testimonies” that we’ll share with everyone (be patient!). It’s great to stop and see how God has been at work in each of our lives. Today was the end of our official ministry and tomorrow we’re off to Akagera... 

Jackie Ringan

Jackie is our Director of Development and Holidays, after serving in many different roles across the organisation. A politics student at heart, she is even attempting to learn Russian!