SU Scotland staff Kathryn Campbell and Phil Wray were on the airwaves of Radio Scotland on Friday as part of the Call Kaye phone-in show, where the question being asked was: “Should religion be banned from assemblies in Scotland's non-denominational schools?”

You can listen back to it on the BBC website at  

The debate on religious observance starts at 58:35 and you can catch the calls from Kathryn at 1:21:00 and Phil at 1:25:50.

This comes off the back of a news story in the Edinburgh area about a parent in Edinburgh who has launched a petition calling on the City Council to look at banning religious observance in non-denominational schools. More details can be found in this BBC News article from Friday 22 Feb.



Phil Wray is SU Scotland Director of Regional Ministries. 

Kathryn Campbell is SU Scotland Serve Your Local School Coordinator, and Associate Worker with the Wheel Trust in Glasgow's West End.